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Learn Self Defense and Get In Amazing Shape! June Specials! Krav Maga Classes

If you're one of the many people who lack the self-defense to protect themselves against vicious attacks, you owe it to yourself to discover Krav Maga at Maximum Athletics.

Krav Maga is not a sports style of martial arts, rather focusing on real life self-defense and hand to hand combat situations. Along with this, it emphasizes stopping threats quickly and getting away safely. In order to safely deal with threats, brutal attacks to vulnerable parts of the body like the groin, eyes, neck, and fingers are taught. Further, the use of available objects, in essence turning them into weapons, is also encouraged.


Practitioners of Krav Maga are taught to avoid harm and neutralize attackers by any means necessary. Avoiding harm and ending problem situations with speed are considered paramount. This may involve pre-emptive strikes or the utilization of weapons and almost always involves techniques to vulnerable parts of the body.

The basic idea is to first deal with the immediate threat (being choked, for example), prevent the attacker from re-attacking, and then neutralize the attacker, proceeding through all steps in a methodical manner, despite the rush of adrenaline that occurs in such an attack. In Krav Maga, the emphasis is put on taking the initiative from the attacker as soon as possible. Here's what you can expect when you take our Krav Maga classes:

  • Learn how to predict your opponent's most likely moves and be ready with the appropriate counter-attack
  • You'll develop strength and unending stamina needed to win a fight
  • Discover how to use your hands, feet, elbows and knees as lethal weapons
  • You'll master all the classic Krav Maga stances and moves
  • We'll show you how to disarm and disable your attacker in a split-second
  • Learn how to fight ferociously, whether standing up or on the ground.

Although Krav Maga shares many techniques with other martial arts, such as karate, boxing, savate, muay thai, jujutsu, judo, kobudo and wrestling, the training is often quite different. It stresses fighting under worst-case conditions or from disadvantaged positions (for example, against several opponents, when protecting someone else, with one arm unusable, when dizzy, or against armed opponents).


The bottom line is that practitioners are taught to defeat threats and avoid harm through a variety of means or by any means necessary. They are also taught to never give up.

To learn more, just take a moment to complete the short form on this page. When you do, we'll give you all the details you need to get started learning the one self-defense program you'll ever need, Krav Maga at Maximum Athletics!

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