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Our goal is to be New Jersey's premiere and most comprehensive Martial Arts facility. We want to strengthen the community not only by creating champions on the mat, but champions in the classroom, workplace and anywhere else. We know that to reach our goals, it's always best to align with others that are striving to be better. We have a staff that is always seeking to improve, and a core of students that not only push themselves, but push the staff as well.

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Big thank you's to the crew at MA!!!! My son jake suffers from adhad/ODD which makes him rather difficult to deal with. Saturday we took Mr. Jones' kickboxing class together and it was amazing!!!! He pushed us and encouraged us all at the same time! It helped me and jake finally bond. High fives and hugs during and after class replaced the yelling. We are so grateful and appreciative for putting us on a great path! Thank you and oh yeah we will be back!!!!!!

Maximum Athletics Dani S.

Dani S.

The owner has changed my life forever in the best way possible. It is the best family environment you can ever ask for. Love what I do, and thankful to be part of this great place, with all the great people.

Maximum Athletics Eric J.

Eric J.

If you want a great place to get in shape and grow as a person I highly recommend going to maximum athletics

Maximum Athletics Quincy F.

Quincy F.

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